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Orenda’s data is now available on SIX’s comprehensive data visualization platform (web-based application) SIX iD, allowing users to analyze a company’s performance overview as it relates to ESG and Social Positioning. Users can effectively conduct technical analysis and visualize data in the form of charts, as well as compare a company’s sector-based ranking in comparison to its closest competitors.  


Not only does the SIX iD dashboard provide unique and effective tools for analyzing and visualizing Orenda’s ESG and Social Positioning datasets, it also updates daily to ensure that users are always working with the latest and most relevant information.


Using the SIX iD platform, you can:

  • Visualize Orenda’s unique Social Positioning and ESG indicators for 15,000+ companies

  • View specific scores for Social Positioning and ESG, as well as each of their individual subcategories

  • Analyze the performance of specific companies versus their industry peers

  • Obtain a top-10 performance-based list for companies across a multitude of industries

  • Much more!


To learn more about the SIX iD platform, contact us or visit the SIX website today.

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