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The Weight of the World

A Series on Social Positioning while the World is Social Distancing (Part 1)

We have a lot to share. First in this series is a brief background on our method of Social Positioning.

Words have weight. A single phrase can turn a world upside down in an instant, can cause stigmatization of an entire population, and can bring calm in the midst of sudden chaos.

Those weights, when turned into a set of numerical scores working together to give valuable insights, help us to understand when society has reached a tipping point, and major change is imminent.

This method has been the foundation of everything we do at Orenda. It simply means that our communities have shared values and society wants to do business with those who are aligned with those values.

The Orenda technology breaks down its social positioning factors into eight categories that include trust, commitment, satisfaction, social responsibility and more. The words society use on content platforms to describe an individual, such as a leader’s integrity, competence and dependability, trigger those values and the score is impacted in a negative or positive way. This score is refreshed a minimum of 144 times a day. The more frequent a public describes a leader as being weak, lacking fortitude, a liar, or as an embarrassment, a social positioning factor, such as trust, will plummet.

It’s rapid. It’s real. And it all matters.

We all know that fear is driving emotion today. At first it was centred on coming into contact with someone with #COVID19 and contracting the disease. Now, as we are in the middle of a Global standstill, society is drowning in fear as this virus connects to every facet of our complex lives. This is a vital time for leaders of our nations to act with compassion, and to speak with authority, integrity and competence. Companies are to be socially and environmentally responsible and to move in solidarity with good governance. Any person or any country who falls out of alignment with our collective effort to contain this disease will be remembered. While we are all social distancing, online communities are our collective voice.

Today, a lack of trust can be lethal.

I went to two locations for groceries last week. One company had employees wearing sterile gloves and wiping down carts for its customers, and hand sanitizer was at entry and exit points. I knew in an instant that the company took the safety of its employees and its customers seriously and I felt safe. The other location was the opposite, there were no efforts to protect its employees or its customers and I felt fear. They were out of alignment with what I valued, and it made me question everything about them. And I will remember how both handled this crisis long after our world recovers.

These small events, millions of them around the world happening to people just like me, create a tipping point and some companies, countries and leaders will lose our trust and never recover. This crisis has changed everything, including our Global mindset. Companies, countries and leaders need to align.

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