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Orenda Software Solutions Announces Partnership with Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point

Toronto, ON, April 20 2020: Orenda Software Solutions announced today that its unique social positioning data is now available to the financial community through the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point.

Orenda is an artificial intelligence platform that rapidly analyzes and converts social media content into quantified scores that clearly communicate public perception of a corporation’s reputation and predicts how human emotions impact financial markets.

It provides analysis of how the collective public thought is losing or gaining trust in any given company, organization or public figure, resulting in professional insights related to behavioural finance and investing.

“This new relationship will provide users of the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point with data that is entirely new to the Enterprise Access Point and designed for the financial community.” said Tanya Seajay, Founder and CEO of Orenda Software Solutions. “This is a tremendous opportunity for Orenda and Bloomberg to showcase the importance of understanding emotional connections to companies being traded on stock exchanges.”

Orenda’s platform measures data across nine social categories (Trust, Public Satisfaction, Social Responsibility, Corporate Influence, Exchange of Benefits, Character, Commitment, General Tone, and Overall Social Positioning). These measurements allow investors to determine when a company or person has fallen out of alignment with social values and public expectations, providing deep insights to assist in making informed investment decisions. Orenda’s social positioning data will support investors performing traditional and quantitative research, portfolio allocation, risk management, and more.

The full data set consists of numerical scores derived from nearly 1 Billion data points; increasing at an average of 115,000 data points per day, every day. The data is processed through Orenda’s proprietary lexicons and algorithms for scoring and safe storing. The data does not include any personally identifiable information.

Launched in 2018, Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point is a web-based platform that allows Bloomberg Data License clients to discover and acquire reference, pricing, regulatory, historical, and alternative datasets.

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