When companies are good to the world, the people around them, and when they govern with integrity, everyone benefits.


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investment

Wall Street needs to know when companies are truly making ESG changes that lead to stronger returns.

Currently, portfolio managers have access to manually updated quarterly and annual company reports that contain ESG metrics that rely on those companies being honest about their ongoing actions, efforts and commitments. The barriers to accessing relevant ESG data makes timely investment decisions impossible.

With impact investing at $22 trillion (Global Sustainable Investment Alliance) in 2016 and increasing at a minimum of 25% from 2014, making the wrong investment decision has a sudden and severe impact on shareholder wealth. Values-based investment solutions are needed now to enhance portfolio performance. Wall Street needs great innovation backed by science to grasp the social world around them, and to unlock those once hidden values to generate alpha.

Orenda is a unique, timely and market-ready innovation based in ESG methodology. It provides an AI-based alternative dataset tailored to the needs of the financial market. Orenda replaces hunches with data points, making integration into multifactor financial models effortless and meaningful.

Real time delivery of data and deep insights into a company’s reputation, gives asset managers the competitive edge they’ve been seeking.

Orenda’s dataset contains only relevant reputation metrics that are backed by decades of social science research to release the hidden value within. With Orenda, what was true in 1963 will also be true in 2063.

Meaning, the metrics aren’t based on fads or trends. That opens the door to predictions the financial world could never benefit from, until now.