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ESG Select is an extension of Orenda’s ESG dataset that uses more specialized subcategories for the 3 ESG categories (Environmental, Social and Governance). ESG Select was designed to help portfolio managers keep pace with society’s shifting priorities at a global, sector and corporate level. The universal framework we selected to help navigate this complex and ever-changing landscape is the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).  


With this understanding, Orenda first considered the 17 global goals, and expanded the goals to identify 34 unique metrics to track specific goals for sustainability. These metrices are linked to a dictionary developed by Orenda to track exclusively the actions taken to address issues, and steps taken towards a more sustainable future. These 34 metrics can be broadly grouped into environmental, social or governance umbrellas. 10 under environmental, 14 under social, and 10 under governance. 

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  • Green spaces 

  • Sustainable development waste 

  • Climate change 

  • Sustainable oceans 

  • Conserve restore land 

  • Death pollution 

  • Sustainable water 

  • Affordable energy 

  • Green economy 

  • Infrastructure technology 

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  • Social inclusion 

  • Sustainable living 

  • Capacity building 

  • Sustainable communities 

  • End violence 

  • End hunger 

  • Human wellness 

  • Educate 

  • Gender equality 

  • Water scarcity 

  • Renewable energy 

  • Child labour 

  • Shared prosperity 

  • Eliminate poverty 


  • Promote inclusion 

  • Reduce risk 

  • Prioritize sustainability 

  • Donate climate 

  • Equal justice 

  • Global partnerships 

  • Access education 

  • Enforce equality 

  • Cooperation water 

  • Protect workers 

The source data comes from social media conversations happening in real-time around the world. This raw data is then processed to identify linkages between the UN’s SDGs and companies, sectors, and the global economy. The hierarchical dataset has three levels:   


Global Level: The degree to which a company is openly known to be associated with the goals. This top level assesses the priorities of communities around the globe and compares these priorities to their priorities of the past 12 consecutive months. The global ESG Select bucket includes our entire universe of equities. Currently there are over 15,000 equities considered


Sector Level: The degree to which a sector is openly known to be associated with the goals. There are 45 sectors we create ESG Select scores 


Corporate Level: An overall understanding of the most associated goals in a global economy. The Corporate Priority Ranking (CPR) is how often the public associates a corporation with any one of the 34 ESG metrics. The more frequent the association, the higher that metric climbs in its ranking

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