Orenda collects millions of company data points to measure risk to reputation in real time. In that sea of data we discovered precious trading signals that can be leveraged to generate Alpha.


A Wyandot word describing the force of human will, in opposition to fate or destiny, that accounts for achievement or accomplishment.

Founded in 2015  with offices in Toronto, Ontario and Membertou, Nova Scotia.   

Orenda is a unique, timely and market-ready innovation based in ESG methodology. It provides an AI – based alternative dataset tailored to the needs of the financial market.

Orenda replaces hunches with data points, making integration into multifactor financial models effortless and meaningful.

Real time delivery of data and deep insights into a company’s reputation gives asset managers the competitive edge they’ve been seeking.

Orenda’s dataset contains only relevant reputation metrics that are backed by decades of social science research to release the hidden value within. With Orenda, what was true in 1963 will also be true in 2063. Meaning, the metrics aren’t based on fads or trends.

That opens the door to predictions the financial world could never benefit from, until now.


The amount of integrity, dependability, and competence the public has in a company and its brand. We consider whether people believe that your organization has the ability and follow-through to deliver what it promises.


The amount of favourability the public expresses about a company and its brand. We measure whether people’s expectations with a product or service are positively reinforced by their experiences.


The capacity that a company can affect the opinions of the public. We measure how the public judges a company’s leadership, transparency, and authority on topics within its industry.


The distinct qualities that the public, according to industry standards, judges the unique traits of a brand in comparison to its competition.

Social Responsibility

Measures the level of confidence that people have in a company, in relation to its actions to improve or uphold the social fairness and environmental awareness of society.

Exchange of Benefits

Measures the level of reciprocity the public expects from a company for choosing its products or services rather than from competing companies.